Omiki - Progressive Trance by Secret Garden

Omiki präs by Secret Garden
Freitag, 07.02.2020
Einlass ab 22 Uhr

Omiki might be a grownup man, but when it comes to music production he still has the unspoilt passion and euphoria of a teenager. There's a youthful energy in his tracks that
turns every dancefloor into a buzzing adult playground whenever it booms from a good soundsystem. Besides that, Omiki's powerful prime - time take on Progressive Trance is
characterized by a remarkable technical precision that might be explained by the fact that the Israeli started producing when he was only 16 years old.
As one of the most up-and-coming artists of the scene, Omiki has already collaborated with a wide range of upper-
league producers and played at festivals and parties all around the world.

- Omiki

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- Nimulias

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